Security Group Sync across Managers

If you are in need of a solution to synchronize security policy (Ex; Security Groups) across multiple managers (NSX-v and/or NSX-T), take a look at ReSTNSX's Policy Sync tool.  This tool is integratd into the ReSTNSX platform and allows you to globally define one or more policies to synchronize objects.  The video link below covers an example of -v to -v sync of effective members for security groups.  This use case was developed for customers with disparate NSX domains that wanted to be able to move workloads between them while maintaining consistent group membership. 

One specific use case is a customer who used tags to define the group membership.  When the VM moved to the new environment, the tag isn't applied to the VM and required manual intervention or scripting.  With Policy Sync, they can move the workloads freely without any user intervention.


ReSTNSX-Policy Sync Tool - YouTube

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