PowerNSX NSX Manager deployment on VSAN datastore fail


I try to deploy NSX Manager onto VSAN datastore using PowerNSX but it fails.


+ NSX Manager deployment via web client is successful

     -> vCenter, NSX Manager ova, VSAN datastore and the other prameters are same.

+ PowerCLI connection to vCenter is fine.

     -> using connect-ViServer.....

+ PowerNSX NSX Manager deployment onto non-VSAN datastore is successful.

     -> Although it's not the same vCenter because the VSAN environment only has VSAN datastore,

          The Poweshell script (only params are swapped) and ova are same.

[PowerNSX command to fail]

*The parameters are listed in the bottom of this post.

New-NsxManager -NsxManagerOVF $NsxManagerOVF -Name $NsxManagerName -ClusterName $MgmtClusterName -ManagementPortGroupName $ManagementNetworkPortGroupName -DatastoreName $ManagementDatastoreName -CliPassword $NsxManagerPassword -CliEnablePassword $NsxManagerPassword -Hostname $NsxManagerName -IpAddress $NsxManagerIpAddress -Netmask $ManagementNetworkSubnetMask -Gateway $ManagementNetworkGateway -DnsServer $DnsServer1 -DnsDomain $DnsSuffix -NtpServer $NtpServer -EnableSsh -StartVM -Wait -FolderName vm | out-null


Import-vApp : 2018/03/08 16:02:43 Import-VApp An error occurred while sending the request.

Location C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PowerNSX\3.0.1088\PowerNSX.psm1:5883 Charactor:15

+ ...       $VM = Import-vApp -Source $NsxManagerOvf -OvfConfiguration $Ovf ...

+                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Import-VApp], ViError

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Client20_NfcLease_RunNfcTask_Error,VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.ImportVApp

[Exact Command to fail]

C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PowerNSX\3.0.1088\PowerNSX.psm1:5883

$VM = Import-vApp -Source $NsxManagerOvf -OvfConfiguration $OvfConfiguration -Name $Name -Location $ClusterName -VMHost $TargetVMHost -Datastore $DatastoreName -DiskStorageFormat $DiskStorageFormat

-> I checked the parameters by adding "Write-Host $<each param>" before the command in the PowerNSX.psm1 for debugging purpose.

     They are all right.  *$DiskStorageFormat is set "Thick" by default

[The parameters]

All the params referencing the VMware objects are tested by Get-*** commands -Name $....

$NsxManagerOVF = "E:\NSX\VMware-NSX-Manager-6.3.4-7087695.ova"

$NsxManagerName = "nsxmgr01a"

$NsxManagerPassword = "*****"

$NsxManagerIpAddress = ""

$VcenterServer = ""

$vCenterUserName = "administrator@vsphere.local"

$vCenterPassword = "*****"

$MgmtClusterName = "vSAN-Cluster"

$ManagementDatastoreName = "vsanDatastore"

$ManagementNetworkPortGroupName = "nsxMgmt"

$ManagementNetworkSubnetMask = ""

$ManagementNetworkSubnetPrefixLength = "16"

$ManagementNetworkGateway = ""

$NtpServer = ""

$DnsServer1 = ""

$DnsSuffix = "vsan"


To me it sounds that selecting VSAN datastore in the PowerNSX fails the command.

Many thanks,

Seiji Matsuda

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Let me add some additional information.

My environment versions are..

ESXi:          6.5u1

vCenter:     6.5u1

NSX:           6.3.4、, 6.3.5

VSAN         6.6.1

Powershell:     5.1 14409  1005  

PowerCLI:      10.0.0 build 7895300

PowerNSX:     3.0.1088

After manual NSX Manager installation via web client, installing NSX controllers and Edges via PowerNSX failed. But I think it has nothing to do with the failure in the NSX Manager case this is just due to disabled DRS as there is no switch(cmd-flag) to specify an ESXi host in New-NsxController and New-NsxEdge.

Many thanks,


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