Nested vSphere environment over NSX infrastructure

Hello Folks,

I am trying to create a nested vsphere environment for Lab purpose over my current vSphere Cluster with NSX.

I have create a VXLAN dedicated to host my nested esxi hosts.

I have already changed the Forced Transmit and Promiscous Mode of my Logical Switch and vDS.

After I deployed the Nested ESXi hosts and a dedicated VCSA for this nested environment, I tried to register the Nested ESXi hosts into vCSA but I can't.

I got an error of communication.

I have checked if firewall from my NSX Edge Gateway was enable, but it is not.

After doing a lot of test I noticed if I move all nested esxi hosts and the VCSA to the physical ESXi where my NSX Edge Gateway was registered I could register the nested ESXi into their VCSA.

Is it normal or I am doing something wrong?

Could anyone here help me to put this nested environment up and running?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Is there any topology that you can share to understand the setup  ? From what i can understand you have deployed VCSA inside the nested ESXI and it connected to a logical switch- edge connection ,i may be wrong. If feasible also for simplicity purpose,you can deploy all management components(VC,AD,DNS,NSX ..etc) on main host on a vSphere Portgroup along with nested ESXI VM's , and leverage the nested ESXI for NSX infra. I follow this structure for a two site nested infra which i'm running in my lab - Easy to break and explore without impacting management software's .

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