NSX license professional doubt

Hello there,

We have a doubt with our NSX license. Few months ago, we bought a NSX professional license, and we know the products available for those license,

The doubt is the following:

We can deploy a load balancer (not included on professional license), also we can use Application Rule Manager  (not included on professional license) and surely we have the same with other products that we dont deploy yet. Why can we use that products? Can use that but we dont have official support?

Thanks in advance.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

You cannot use if you are not entitled to it according to the acquired license. Please check

On page 17 the terms are clear:

Restriction on Features. Each edition of the Software (Standard, Professional, Advanced, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus) offers different features and functionality. You may access and use only the features and functionality that correspond with the edition of Software You have validly licensed. Those features and functionality are detailed at the following links: and You agree to not access or use any feature or functionality of an edition of the Software to which You are not entitled based on the edition of Software You have validly licensed.

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