NSX collapsed small deployment with dynamic routing and VPC

Firstly I apologize if this has been asked here already.

I am trying to design a solution for a customer where they are limited to just three hosts to run everything so a collapsed cluster in small deployment.

The customer however wants to setup a multi tenancy solution consisting of around 4, 10 VM apps.

My issue is they require dynamic routing however the physical network is setup with vPC running on Cisco 9K's

My understanding is that this is not supported to run dynamic routing over a vPC network however given that I cannot create a separate Edge cluster to run on a non-VPC network I am forced to run the uplinks over VPC.

Dynamic routing is a requirement so static is not an option.

Is there anyway around the vPC issue?

The VMware design guides mention using LACP on the Edge uplinks but they highly discourage it.

I'm afaid I do not have enough physical networking knowledge to know the ins and outs of the issues here.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Dynamic Routing over VPC is supported but not in all the cases , there are few design scenarios that you should consider for it.  Also if feasible you can route over a Non-VPC link . NSX-Edge to Nexus over a Non-VPC Link ,but you are right edge cluster demand is there in that case.

Support & Downloadsed Topologies for Routing over Virtual Port Channel on Nexus Platforms - Cisco  . Just go through the section ->Supported Topologies for Routing in a vPC Environment

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