NSX cluster bouncing between Ready and Not Ready on the NSX Dashboard.

I have one host in a NSX cluster that is causing the whole cluster to bounce between Ready and Not Ready on the NSX Dashboard. We are running NSX-V 6.3 When I check the status of each host in the cluster it says there is a Communication Channel Issue, only for the one host. Eventually it 'clears' on it's own only to repeat the same actions over again. I always check to ensure the NSX VIBs are present on the host. This cluster is not new to NSX has been running 6 months or more. The behavior has been occurring in last couple months. I have set up alerts in Log Insight as shown in Enable the Alerts for NSX for vSphere  but nothing is being indicated as a problem. I do see some entries in netcpa.log on host about cannot allocate memory but does not seem related to this. Any one else experienced this? How did you troubleshoot and finally address? Thanks.

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