NSX and physical network


I have 2 network services and management

4 physical esxi

2 for the management and the others for the services

each network is connected by a normal switch and the networks is isolated . it's not a routing

i have 2 questions

1- i can't ping the services VMS from a physical machine how is connected to the services network  and before installing NSX i could ping it

is it normal ? and how i can ping it. i must install the edge nsx ??

2- i configured a logical switch but when i attached VMS to this LS the ping is failed why ?

Thank you very much

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Maybe you can give us more detailed information you have (topology diagram are prefered if you had)

- Can you provide detailed information about your server (NIC, CPU, RAM, Type)

- So you have 4, 2 for Mgmt, and the rest for the compute?

- How many physical switch you have?

- "Isolated". Are you talking about different VLAN / subnet?

- Using standart switch or distribution switch?

- Is it for Lab or production?

For question, what VMS are stand for? Virtual Machine Services?

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Thank you for your response

the work is for a lab

i use esxi 5.5 and nsx 6.1.4

and 4 physical machines

i have 2 sub net and

i use 2 physical switch each one for 1 sub net but the switches are not connected

one cluster

ome controller

the all of esxi are connected to the 2 sub net with 2 pnic

1 VDS for the cluster

the vms are simply windows.iso just for simulate clients network

i have 4 windows vms

vm1 and vm 2 in esxi 3

vm3 and vm4 in esxi 4

vm1 and vm 3 in the network ( connected to logical switch 1

vm2 in esxi 3 and vm 4 in esxi 4 connected to LS2 (

16GB in each machine

i use windows server 2012 r2 for AD and DNS

if the vms are connected to service port Group the ping work

the ping fails if i connect VMS to LS

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