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NSX and VyOS interoperation on VXLAN

Hi all,

I want to use VyOS VXLAN feature in my NSX environment.

I have created a vxlan interface in VyOS with appropriate configuration.

I can see broadcast messages between VyOS and VTEPs on UPD 8472 but I can't ping VMs in logical switch.

Is there any extra configuration needed in NSX side?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Couple of things to check:

Have you enabled Forged Transmits on the port-group connecting the VyOS VM?

Have you increased the MTU settings to 1600 or jumbo frames in the underlay?

Have you tried to ping between the VM's on same logical switch within the same ESXi host?

Move the VM to where the vyata VM exist and ping and see if it works.



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