NSX-V - Control plane issues

I am currently having issues with NSX-V 6.4.4. I am showing intermittent connection from the ESXi Host to the NSX Controllers.

What i am seeing is the next behaviour:

  • In the netcpa.log i see "Connection reset by peer"
  • If I do a tcpdump-uw from the ESXi I am also seeing a reset when the NSX Controller tries to establish the connection with the ESXi.
  • If I connect to the NSX Controller using root user I am not seeing any connection from the port 1234.

Every error points me that the issue is Firewall related but what about the "Connection reset"? It refers to a block?

Thanks you folks in advance.

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Error "Connection reset by Peer" generally occurs when destination node is refusing connection and sending RST back in response. Can you post output of commands below:

On NSX Controller:

show control-cluster status

show control-cluster history

show control-cluster connections

On ESXi Host:

/etc/init.d/netcpad status

Is the controller located in the same network as the esxi?

If not, try to see if there is any routing issue or if there is a firewall in between the esxi and controller that my be interfering with the conection/sesion

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No it is not. But your reply point me to the issue. There is a firewall between the two networks that isblocking Layer7 and we were seeing drops between the communication on port 1234 between ESXi hosts and the NSX Controllers.


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