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NSX-T simple Design question

Hello Gurus

Is it recommended to have different uplinks for the let say the Edge Node and the transport node {ESXi where the edge node vm residing on it }

Different uplinks [Portgroups to physical NICs] ?

I hope I asked the question right, and thanks in Advance for your answer

Regards, İlyas
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Not sure which part are you concerning about having different uplinks/portgroups

However, If you have 4 Physical network adapters, you can split the North-South (External) and East-West to be on different uplinks.

See the 4 pNICs design below taken from the design guide VMware® NSX-T Reference Design

North-South are pinned to P1 & P2 while East-West are P3 & P4

This way you can offer symmetric bandwidth north-south/east-west because you dedicate them



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