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NSX-T VDS Uplinks with NUMA, performance less on Numa affinity 1

Have two identical VMs (one cloned from the other).  One VM has numa affinity for numa0 and the other VM for numa1.

Built a VDS within vCenter and pulled it into a Host Node in NSX-T.

Send traffic to the numa0 VM and we get a benchline of performance.

Send the same traffic to the numa1 VM and we get 10-20% less throughput.

Have checked all of the esxtop statistics and there's no indication of any vCPUs nor RAM being used "cross-numa".

Suspect that the vmnics are not aligned properly somehow.


[root] vsish -e get /net/pNics/vmnic4/properties | grep 'Device NUMA Node'

   Device NUMA Node:1

[root] vsish -e get /net/pNics/vmnic8/properties | grep 'Device NUMA Node'



   Device NUMA Node:0


screenshot from vCenter:



from esxcfg-vswitch_-l.txt:


This is from NSX-T:




Looking at this (this is just a guide, not architecture from our system) :



1) How can I check that the QPI bus (or whatever it's called for the Xeon 8358) was traversed?


2) How can I check that everything is vertically assigned?







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