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NSX-T: Error migrating vmk / adding a different pnic after NSX-T redeploy (The object "" used in this operation has a different version 0....)


We recently had an issue with an ESXi node that was crashing every few weeks. VMware seem to think this is down to something in NSX-T, so asked that we migrated the networking back to a vSS, and then re-add it as a transport node.

That has been done successfully in all aspects but I'm unable to add a second physical nic to the n-vds

In both instances, I receive the following error:

The object Node/a2d509ba-7aa7-4dfe-92b0-72ae5b9e6e4a used in this operation has different version 0 than the current system version. Fetch the latest copy of the object and retry operation. (Error code: 604)

I can't find anything at all on this error or how to "fetch the latest copy." Before I go back to support, I was hoping somebody else had come across this error and had a resolution.

NSX-T is deployed as a collapsed compute model, which is why it's necessary to migrate a second physical nic after the initial deployment.

Thanks in advance

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