NSX-T Creating Groups based on AD Groups using PowerCLI

Can someone help me figure out how to use PowerCLI to created groups in NSX-T 3.0 (or 2.5) that are based on AD Groups?  I can do it fine in the gui, but need to script it with powerCLI.

Here is what I have so far.  I think the error is how I specify the DN and Base DN.  I think those are required based on the info I pulled using Postman.

   #Create Group - User - AD (IDFW)
   $groupdomain = "default"
   $groupid = "Lab - $UserName - AD Group"
   $dn = "CN=KAhnemann-NSX,OU=NSX Groups,OU=Groups,OU=AccudataLab,DC=AccudataLab,DC=com"
   $basedn = "DC=AccudataLab,DC=com"
   $groupmember_type = "IdentityGroup"
   #Retrieve Group Information
   $groupdata = Get-NsxtPolicyService -Name com.vmware.nsx_policy.infra.domains.groups
   #Set Group Variables
   $groupspecification = $groupdata.Help.patch.group.Create()
   $groupspecification.display_name = $groupid
   $groupspecification.description = $description
   #Add Group Member Variables
   $groupexpspecification = $groupdata.Help.patch.group.extended_expression.Element.condition.Create()
   $groupexpspecification.member_type = $groupmember_type
   $groupexpspecification.operator = "EQUALS"
   $groupexpspecification.member_type = $groupmember_type
   $groupexpspecification.domain_base_distinguished_name = $basedn
   $roupexpspecification.distinguished_name = $dn
   $groupspecification.extended_expression.Add($groupexpspecification) | Out-Null
   #Add Powercli TAG to Group
   $grouptag = $groupdata.Help.patch.group.tags.Element.Create()
   $grouptag.tag = $powerclitag
   $groupspecification.tags.Add($grouptag) | Out-Null
   #Add User TAG to Group
   $grouptag = $groupdata.Help.patch.group.tags.Element.Create()
   $grouptag.tag = $usertag
   $groupspecification.tags.Add($grouptag) | Out-Null
   #Create Group
   $groupdata.patch($groupdomain, $groupid, $groupspecification)
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