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NSX-T Access with Postman

Hi all, 

I notice the following problem while accessing the NSX-T API via Postman.

I created an environment for the NSX-T controller. The values are:

Username: xxx

Password: xxx

baseUrl: xxx

When I access the Controller manually the values are working. If I try to make a request (for example):


and set the Authorization to Type "Inherit auth from parent" I got a status 403 forbidden. 

But when I set the Type to Basic Auth with the same values, the request work. 

Also another problem while using the LDAP password (authentication via VIDM):

The request works only with the local username. 

NSX-T Version:

Any help?

Kind Regards


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I don't know how postman works (I use the VS code REST client myself for quick api calls and testing), but in order to use session token authentication, you have to pass 2 headers with each call:

X-XSRF-TOKEN: contains the x_xsrf_token from the session create request
Cookie: contains the cookies_string from the session create request