NSX-T API focused on Edge nodes

So planning to upgrade to (not in the cloud) nsx 3.2.x and in the documentation it indicates to get the BGP states from the edge nodes. We're trying to deepen our knowledge of the api via powercli or rest.  Looking at the api documentation. we can't seem to figure out how to get this information on each edge node  (see below)...  is it not possible?  The "closest" we've gotten is through .com.vmware.nsx.logical_routers.routing.bgp.neighbors ; however that doesn't seem to return each edge node, or we being daft and overlooking something...

Record BGP states on the NSX Edge devices.

  • get logical-routers
  • vrf <vrf>
  • get bgp
  • get bgp neighbor
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com.vmware.nsx.logical_routers.routing.bgp.neighbors lists all BGP neighbours configured at LR level. If you look at source address, it will list external interface address from different edge nodes

You can also take a look at community NSXT powershell module based on same get-nsxtservice cmdlets but provide output in a nicer format.


Hope this helps.

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