NSX-T 3.0 VRF lite

Hello all,

I'm testing the VRF lite feature. Does anyone have tried it and have good suggestions for the configuration? I have the bellow questions:

1 - Using the configuration "Single NVDS Multi-TEP Edge VM Deployment & Configuration on vSphere DVS" (, can i have only 2 transport zone (one for overlay and other to vlan), or should i have a third one for edge?

2 - Using the the VRF lite feature, what is the difference between having a T1 connected to the VFR lite and the customer segments behind that T1 or don't have a T1 and have the customer segments connected to the VRF? Will i be able to configure Load balancing or the DFW?


Pedro Santos

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

1- Your edges need to be on the same overlay TZ as your host TNs. For overlay networking usually a single TZ is needed.

2- Some services are not available directly on vrfs or on T0. LB is an example. You can only set it up on a T1. DFW is independent of the gateways and can be setup either way.