NSX SSL-VPN or L2-VPN fragmented packet reassembly

I was not able to find any official documentation on this.

Does a far-end Edge gateway reassemble fragmented packets that arrive through the SSL or L2 VPN tunnels?

Specifically lets say I have a local application that requires a packet of 1540 and the application itself will not reassemble a fragmented packet.

The VPN tunnel will take the initial packet, fragment it to a size smaller than 1500 to allow it to go over the internet, add its VPN headers and then send it to the remote side. 

When the remote side gets it, it removes it VPN header and then does what.....does it send the fragments out and assume the receiving end-point will reassemble the packet?  Or does it reassemble the packet before sending onto the end-point?

Essentially, a jumbo packet can hit the tunnel, get chopped out, and then come out the tunnel and reassembled into the original jumbo packet before it hits the local L2 network.

I know that some VPN's like openVPN and juniper can do the packet reassembly but I'm unable to find any documentation on the NSX Edge VPN.

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