Can you tell us about your experience with the NSX API? Sharing with you one of the good sites for  api understand and library for coding NSX-T Data Center REST API - VMware API Explorer - VMware {code}

Not only for NSX it is for all the VMware codes.Home - VMware {code}

I hope this answer your question and i hope that this become answer or helpful comment for you. also, for More details and more information just follow my blog Mostafa Fahmy
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I've just started out so I might have a few knowledge gaps here.

But for one I'm missing the Odata filter capabilities of NSX REST API from what I can tell.
The only way to filter is via the search API which is awkward.

Created an action which takes a resource type and builds a query string. Passes it through a URI encoding to be safe but
I cannot get this to work. Authentication is successful.

Not sure what error code 98 is.


2020-11-24 09:06:15.583 +01:00 INFO( queryString: query=resource_type:group
2020-11-24 09:06:15.587 +01:00 INFO( GET: Encoded - /api/v1/search/query?query=resource_type:group
2020-11-24 09:06:15.674 +01:00 DEBUG( {"module_name":"common-service","error_message":"/api/api/v1/search/query","error_code":98}
2020-11-24 09:06:15.675 +01:00 ERROR( REST: Resource does not exist
2020-11-24 09:06:15.676 +01:00 INFO( null



A normal get on a resource works but returns all id's. Not wanting to filter on the client side for obvious performance reasons when the env scales.

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Follow up...



Had "<endpoint>:/api" as my REST host and passed /api to my request... So /api/api was off course incorrect. Just couldn't pick that up reading the error message. 

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