NSX Manager backup failed.

Hi, Experts

NSX manager backup by manual has been failed as below;

I configured it correctly because I can access to sftp server via cli from NSX Manager.

What should I do next step for this issue?


root / VMware1!

Pass Phrase : VMware1!


#sftp root@ (root/VMware1!) has been successfully loged in.


Thank alot!

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I have run into this issue in my home lab.   Is there anything in the auth logs from the backup destination?   

In my home lab there was nothing in the logs and I was able to resolve the issue after a reboot of the NSX manager. 

Please provide auth log information and I will help if I can.

Joseph Griffiths http://blog.jgriffiths.org @Gortees VCDX-DCV #143
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Seems there is an issue with the ciphers. Since you did not mention the NSX version I would recommend just to check the following KB articles:

Backing up the NSX Manager to OpenSSH 7.x or later fails (2150053)

Backup to SFTP server fails in NSX for vSphere 6.3.x (2149282)



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Had a similar issue before, had to drop back to FTP and lock it down to IP.  If you fall back to ftp does it connect? if so i would say it is the ciphers

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