NSX Cross-vCenter needed for VMC on Aws SRM DRaaS?

VMC on AWS (Vmware Cloud on Aws) has been updated with DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) with SRM, and vMotion capability between on-prem and Aws workloads. NSX on the Aws SDDC is built-in providing networking services, so it is installed and provisioned automatically.

For the SRM Service Aws SDDC Replication and Recovery, is NSX with Cross-Vcenter functionality needed on the on-prem side? Both these features could provide good use cases for Business Continuity or DR Solutions, also NSX as complementing the solution on the networking side may be important,

The following link explains how this service works, but NSX features such as local-egress, local-ingress, synchronization of dFW rules as Cross-Vcenter and Universal objects as uDLR, uLS is not focused in detail. Also how could the Load Balancing functioanality could be handled if a Protection group includes some portion of a Logical Switch, a Global load balancing (Amazon ELB , Amazon Route 53 or F5 GTM DNS) provided part of the solution or customization could be needed?


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