NSX Controllers Deployments: the requested object could not be found

I am new to NSX and I am trying to install the NSX controller. I have deployed 3 ESXi hosts in a cluster and connect the uplink of each host to a DVS.

When I try to attach a network during controllers set up I get this error message:


What I am missing here?


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You can use the below links for deploying the NSX-v Controller:

Deploy NSX Controller Cluster  How To install and configure NSX-V 6.4 - Part 4 - MF blog

And for troubleshooting the issue you can use this link NSX Controller Deployment Issues

If this didn't help can you explain more about the issue. did you try to create normal VM and can select the Port group.

I hope this answer your question and i hope that this become answer or helpful comment for you. also, for More details and more information just follow my blog Mostafa Fahmy
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