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NSX-ALB IP preservation with in-line / no orchestration enviornment

Hi, currently im preparing transition from NSX-T LB to NSX-ALB due to future depreciate plan announce from VMware and as you know, with NSX-T license convert we can only using basic license tier.

And basic license tier support only two kinds of Cloud environment NSX-T and Basic.

with NSX-T Cloud things working fine but now im working on with No-Orchestrator Cloud.

Because its No-Orchestrator enviornment so this might be useless information but

ill let you know my test environment anyway.

NSX-T Version 4.1

vCenter Version 

NSX-ALB Version 22.1.3, No Orchestration Cloud

Im trying to deploy in-line topology with No-Orchestration Cloud and topology will be look like this.


Clients - underlay to overlay - VS network adapter of SE - NSX-ALB SE - server pool network adapter of SE - Server VM


I made two VRF 

one is for VIP network LS and set default gateway to LS default gateway 

other one is for server pool LS and also gave default gateway as LS default gateway

I made one networkservice and turn on the route mode and gave floating IP.

set floating IP as a default gateway of servers belong to NSX-ALB server pool

after i finalize Virtual Service setting, Service going up and work

but there are two strange things happen

1. SE use VIP network LS network adapter as a Health Monitor to pool servers.

2. regardless of TCP, UDP and application profile SE keep SNATing with VIP network LS network adapter.

It seems like NSX-ALB working as One-arm mode even i gave two network to Service Engine.

Is there something i miss on configuration or is this a limitation of No-Orchestrator Cloud?

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The VS and Pool will use the same VRF.

You will need to assign both VLANs to the same VRF. You can then set the Default Gateway on that VRF to be the GW of the Server Pool and the Connections to the Servers should now use the Server Pool VLAN.

You might need to specify within the Pool configurations as well, that it needs to use the Server Pool VLAN, if it does not pick it automatically

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