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NSX rollback to

I'm looking to patch (upgrade) from NSX to and for the sake of change management and everyone's peace of mind I need a rollback procedure for this.  I know there are lots of checks in place to make sure it is successful, but I still need a tested rollback plan.

All of VMware documentation refers to upgrading from NSX 3.x to NSX which is not what I'm doing.

Put simply, is the procedure to:

  1. Redeploy a NSX Manager Node.
  2. Run the restore on that redeployed Manager Node (this should redeploy the NSX Manager Cluster with 2 additional NSX Manager Nodes)
  3. Redeploy the NSX Edges through the redeployed NSX Manager UI.
  4. Rollback the ESXi Hosts - this bit I'm not clear on and I haven't found a good document yet.  I wouldn't use the Alternate Bootbank as it isn't a good option as VMware often update both as I found out when trying to rollback the latest ESXi 7U3i patch, i.e. it didn't roll it back and the server needed a rebuild.

Any comments would be appreciated?

Has anyone done this and come across issues?

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