Locating IP Pool object

Does anyone know where in the vcenter MOB to locate the IP Pool objects used for creating NSX controller instances?

I am trying to test deploying new controllers via the API but i haven't been able to find the correct object name for the IP Pool field.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

You can get the IP Pools by doing an API call to the NSX Manager:

GET https://nsxmanager/api/2.0/services/ipam/pools/scope/globalroot-0

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi SameerKhosla,

I'm pretty sure these are not overlapping constructs, so you will not find NSX IP Pools in the vCenter MOB.

Like mentioned in the previous reply, IP Pools in NSX are created in the context of globalroot-0 (NSX Global Scope).  You can read about working with those in the NSX API Guide (Screenshot attached)

The IP Pools as seen in the https://vcenter-ip/mob/?moid=IpPoolManager are related to the Datacenter object's Network Protocol Profile settings.

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