LB(Loadbalancer) service on Egde or not?

Hi, Experts

I've got some questions for you because I am not familiar with LB or webserver.

I understood Case1) but for Case2) I have few questions for that and hope someone enlightens me.

Case1) VM -> vxlan -> DLR-1 -> Edge-10 -> WebServer

->Connection Success w/o error and packet capture shows TCP protocol only

Case2) VM -> vxlan -> DLR-3 -> Edge-20 -> WebServer

->Connection failed with error and packet capture shows

VM tried to send TLS REC Layer-1 HandShake Hello but right away WebServer sends us TCP flags with A&R.

Also from the dfwpktlogs logged TERM OUT TCP RST VM_ip_address -> Server_ip_address.

May I assume the Edge-20 has serverd as LB(L4 or L7)?

If so, what kind of configuration should be looked at it to make it connect between VM and our WebServer?

Thank you

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Hi, is the WebServer directly connected to the Edge?

Is it the same WebServer for Case1 & Case2?
Load Balancer is a feature in NSX Edge which can optionally be enabled/disabled and it should be disabled by default.

Without load balanacer enabled, Edge is just a router.

I don't think we can assume just based on connectivity success/failure.

Check in NSX Edge, see if the Load Balancer is enabled. Read the step here Configure Load Balancer Service

Start with ICMP ping and traceroute first see if VM can ping the WebServer

After ping connectivity, check DFW

After DFW check Edge (routing, firewall, and load balancer)

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Hi, Bayu

Is the WebServer directly connected to the Edge? -> No, it locates outside of NSX. it's more like a physical server.

Is it the same WebServer for Case1 & Case2? Yes it is same one.

But edge on Case1 and Case2 are different and the ping from VM to webserver is all okay in both.

I still could not see any configuration on Edge in Case2 so I would like to ask for it.


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