Issue with Kubernetes deployment (auth issue?)

Hello All,

While attempting to deploy Workload Management (Kubernetes) within vCenter and NSX-T, we've run into an issue where the deployment hangs up (see attached image) and the Namespaces resource group gets created but the VM's don't deploy and then the Namespaces resource group is deleted.

When checking logs within vCenter we see the following:

root@vcenter7 [ ~ ]# tail -f /var/log/vmware/wcp/wcpsvc.log | grep -i error

2020-10-23T18:36:12.402Z error wcp [opID=5f8a9d22-domain-c3008] Could not set read-only permissions on entity ResourcePool:resgroup-15936.

2020-10-23T18:36:12.461Z warning wcp [opID=5f8a9d22-domain-c3008] Unable to create root entities in vCenter for domain-c3008. Err soap.soapFaultError:ServerFaultCode: The user or group named 'vpxd-extension-e40d9697-5cca-4057-b5e3-22d37f74c30e' does not exist.

Any assistance or insight is appreciated.


Ed Taylor

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