Implantation of nsxt on existing infra


WE plan to deploy nsxt on our Infra

WE have 

Cluster 1 prod

6 esx With 8 vlan

Cluster admin

8 esx and 6 vlan

And more cluster like them

When WE will deploy nsxt how Can WE match nsxt config With our vsphere config

Can WE deploy nsxt manager and edge on each cluster 

Can WE have cluster admin With manager and edge With T1 gateway and segment for each vlan

Cluster prod With edge and T1 gateway and segment per vlan

i will Ask external help to implémentation for i préfère to have a high level Idea of thé implémentation before



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot



Please have a look at VMware® NSX-T Reference Design - VMware Technology Network VMTN
This is the official design guide from VMware. 
I think you might find all the answers to the questions you have.

p0wertje | VCIX6-NV | JNCIS-ENT | vExpert
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