How to build my architecture?



7 windows server: (1 MySQL Server with 1 DB, 1 ActiveDirectory, 1 serv printing,1 WSUS serv, 1 file server, 2 server which almost nothing)

7 Linux server (syslog, glpi, centreon, squid, backuppc small apache with only one php page, a business app SCO)

Total used by everyone; 34Go of RAM and disk 7to

Management would outsource its infra. I explained to the management that it began with a full virtualization system prior to outsourcing.. It seems more logical and secure way. Tell me if I'm wrong ...

In addition the company will move to next August and will split into two entities.

I think therefore buy a new 64GB server + 1 hexa core processor and put these 14 machine in this.

and boost a ord server to make a replica of the new.

I thought as licenses take vmware essential kit plus.

So there would 1 PROD server (the new) and a backup (former boosted RAM and HD)

1) If I use without external NAS servers, with all its virtual machines in RAID arrays each of its servers, am I able to set up the HA? and the Data Protection (vmware backup), how to implement it?

(I ask this question because I have the impression that the HA is only valid when the two ESXi host access to the same datastore.

2) or should I buy one NAS server by connecting to iscsi, as follows

Hyper-PROD connected iscsci -> NAS and NAS PROD BACKUP

Hyper-BACKUP connected iscsci -> NAS and NAS PROD BACKUP

So, I would not need to buy hard drive to the new server and VMWare boot on a USB key?

My fears are that the iscsi greatly slow performance.

But I have to ensure the continuity of services via the HA and backup and replication of the backup prod.

Then I thought to use the license Vsphere 3rd essential kit plus to put it on a dedicated server in a remote datacenter and outsource the system there.

To sum up :

Can I do without external NAS and proceed to the HA and replication between BACKUP and PROD

If someone with experience can tell me or ask me to clarify more clearly to meet me, it would be a pleasure! I floundering a bit.

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I think you may be better off posting this in another forum, this one is based around NSX.

Just briefly looking at what you have laid out....have you though about using a non-vmware solution?  I am all for using vmware, but with only 1 server I don't think you are getting the full potential out of essentials plus.  I would recommend a 3 server configuration.  If you are able to get 3 try and spec them out the same, meaning same chipset, memory, etc.

You can store your VMs local but you wont be getting the benefit of using a SAN or multiple servers to take advantages of features like vmotion. You don't mention what sort of performance constraints you have.  With all the stuff you want to do it may be easier to just throw everything up in a cloud somewhere and go from there (What's vCloud Air).

Anyway, try reposting in another forum you should have more luck.

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