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How does the host communicate with the guests in Workstation and vSphere?




I found this thread, but it’s not exactly what I want to know. On my home computer I want to run few guest VMs. All of the guest VMs and the host/management VM will have their Windows firewalls set to public and they won’t share resources with other physical computers at home or elsewhere. They also won’t connect to other VMs outside the physical computer.


I want to know if the data going back and forth between the host/management VM and its many guest VMs is staying inside the physical computer, or if it’s leaving it and going to my hardware router/switch and then back again to the physical computer it came from?



I want to achieve the first solution, where the communication between the host and the guests is internal and never leaves the physical computer, but both the host and the guests need to be able to connect to internet.


1: Does it work like that “out of the box” with VMware Workstation?


2: How do I achieve that with vSphere?

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