How does "Deep Security Manager" DSVA and Guest Introspection VM work together


I’ve inherited a VMWare system with NSX/Deep Security.

As far as I can tell I’m running Deep Security Agentless.

I’m not very experienced with NSX and Deep Security so please be patient.

The questions I have are:

  1. Is Guest Introspection VM from VMWare or Deep Security?
  2. How does Guest Introspection VM interact with Deep Security Virtual Appliance?
  3. What happens when a new VM gets created, does the Deep Security Virtual Appliance pick this up?

Is this picked up from the Security group which is monitoring the cluster that hosts the VM?

After this does the Security Policy associated with the Security group run then tell Guest Introspection VM?

After this does the Guest Introspection VM works out what to do from the Service Profile?

How does Deep Security know of the new VM; Is this from the Deep Security Virtual Appliance?

How does the Deep Security Event based task work?

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