Housing an physical Synology NAS with NSX

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i was wondering if it's possible to integrate a physical Synology NAS System in NSX. I've set up m configuration as follows:

I have routed the external network completely through my physical Firewall to the gateway of my aggregtion edge where i've configured it as an internal interface. So far so good i can use NAT in order to reach servers in the networks behind with one of the external ip adresses within the range.

What would be the best way to make the NAS accessible with an ip adress from the same external network range configured in NSX?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I'm not sure if understood your use case correctly . Below mentioned are few points which i will recommend

1. If NAS mount points are required for ESXI Host which are leveraging NSX features - This is nothing but a IP-Storage connectivity which falls under a VLAN configuration.

2. If NAS mount points are required for Virtual Machines - technically you could bridge those Mount Point Vlans via Software bridge feature - Bandwidth/MTU will be a constraint  and we support maximum MTU of 9000  . So it would be better to configure those mount points as normal VLAN's with MTU 9000 set at DVS.

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