Host Preparation Failed - Jumpstart plugin nsxv activation failed: Method invocation failed

Hi, I have NSX 6.4 Manager, release 7564187 deployed. Trying to prepare nested ESXi 6.5 U1 and also ESXi U2 hosts for NSX.

In both nested ESXi 6.5 U1, U2 hosts in /var/log/vmkernel.log there is error message: "Host Preparation Failed - Jumpstart plugin nsxv activation failed: Method invocation failed."

I have tried to install VIB manually but not helped. Also tried to reboot not helped. I have also upgraded ESXi host but not helped. Also I have restarted ESX Agent Manager (EAM) which is related to NSX Host Preparation but not helped. I have also allowed 80, 443 Outgoing ports in ESXi Firewall via Security Profile not helped. Physical switch is set for MTU 9000, vDS MTU 9000, vDS Port Groups to which nested ESXi hosts are connected are in Promiscuous mode. Someone?


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  • Is the time synched between NSX manager and ESX hosts through NTP server?
  • Also the forward and reverse DNS entries need to be resolvable from both NSX manager and ESx hosts as well as Vcenter.
  • Is the registration of NSX manager with vCenter successful,
  • Are all Nested ESxU1, U2, Vcenter, DNS and NTP servers located on same host or different hosts
  • Are ESX hosts, vCenter and NSX Manager on the same subnet, could there be a routing problem or the VLan need to be created on physical switch side if the Ip addresses are on seperate Ip subnets. If seperate subnets and other physical Fw in between, ports may need to be allowed

method invocation error method could be related to VUM problem not working properly (bypassVumenabled flag may need to be enabled):

VMware Knowledge Base


Unable to prepare compute cluster in homelab

NSX-v Unable to install VIBs: Blame VUM – SneakU

For nested installation these need to be enabled:

Nested NSX: VMware NSX on Intel NUC Lab setup – part 1 – Breek een been!

  • VLAN ID: ALL (4095)
  • Security – Promiscuous mode: Override Accept
  • Security – MAC address changes: Override Accept (optional)
  • Security – Forged transmits: Override Accept

These links could be helpful:

Prepare Host Clusters for NSX

NSX Home Lab (1/6) – Deploy NSX Components - nxgcloud

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