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I want to set up an nsx home lab. how can i use multiple VLANs in a single switch port, Can this be achieved with L2 managed switch and software pfsense (act as a router)

pfsense installed on VMware workstation. No physical router.


Home Lab Hardware- intel Nuc 64GB RAM

Laptop 32 GB RAM

L2 Managed Switch

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I would recommend keeping the L3 router in the ESXi host vSwitch connection and creating the required VLAN PG there for the router VM interface. Create a single Trunk PG on the same vSwitch and use it for NSX ESXI host Uplinks.

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This will work, I do something similar for my nested environment.

Word of advice, if you need to run ECMP, you will likely struggle with the pfsense being a stateful firewall.


I tend to use something VyOS.

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