HOL Lab HOL-1925-01-NET-HOL cross vcenter NSX ESG in site 2 wont create OSPF Neighbor

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I am doing Hol lab HOL-1925-01-NET-HOL , titled VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere - Advanced Consumption. In that lab, they have cross vcenter nsx in dual site topology, each site have their own vcenter. I have configured something like this :

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ESG in site A have OSPF relationship with UDLR IP of 5.2, but not in ESG site B. Below is the configuration :
ESG in site A ospf. vNIC RegionA0_Transit is connected to Transit ULS regionA, and connected to UDLR


And this is UDLR OSPF config from Site A :

Here is Site B's ESG and DLR OSPF Config :





All configuration is same, but ESG in site B wont creating any OSPF neighbor with UDLR
Routing table and OSPF neighbor in ESG A :

Routing table and ospf neighbor in ESG B :


As you can see there is no OSPF neighbor.
This causes when VM is migrated from site A to site B in the same ULS, that VM can't be pinged from outside network, although I have enabled local egress in UDLR and change Locale ID in UDLR site A's config and UDLR site B's config to match its respective NSX Manager UUID. Is there any step(s) I have to take?

Thank you so much for reading this post, any answer will be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

A quick question before we dig further, you mentioned " ESG in site A have OSPF relationship with UDLR IP of 5.2"  , your protocol address is 5.3 but you are trying to establish OSPF peer with forwarding address which is wrong . ​

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Hi Sreec,

Sorry I misstyped. I meant 5.3 as the protocol address. I can establish ospf peering from UDLR to both of my esg by clicking redeploy esg appliance in site 1 and site 2. Thank you for your reply

Ardhan Yoga

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