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Existing VDS mapped to NSX-T

Dear Team,

if we mapped existing VDS to NSX-T then what will happen?

- Existing DVPG will be converted to VLAN Logical Segment or there will be no impact. In other words, we can say now that DVS will become a hybrid where we will be having  DVPG, Logical Segments, and VLAN Logical Segment everything will be in the same DVS switch.

-  Existing DVPG will be managed by vCenter or NSX-T?

-   Can we create a new DVPG from vCenter or we can only create LS or VLAN LS on that DVS from NSX-T


thank you in advance

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

There is no conversion for Portgroup/Logical Segments. Based on the use case you can create it and migrate/connect the workloads to the right Portgroup/Logical Segments.

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