Edge transport node in Resgistration Pending state

I have deployed Edge transport node, configuration state is Registration Pending.

I took console of edge vm and its giving error "Failed to start Edge Datapath " 


Please assist.

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In examining the /var/log/ join_mp.log on the edge, you notice that the edge is using an incorrect thumbprint to join to the management plane:

root@nsxtedge5:/var/log# cat join_mp.log
% Unknown error occurred
cmd: su admin -c join management-plane thumbprint ee33db46121acb15b9f78c516055d3077d12cf06b5108e426582b766f957c53f token 7212bcb0-3e3f-4918-ab96-4f4f7965b27e node-uuid c489f8ce-af26-476c-a29f-b8df95115679
rc: 4

You can verify that the thumbprint you see in the edge logs is incorrect by comparing it to the output of the "get certificate api thumbprint" command on the NSX-T manager or using the web interface:

The NSX Manager's certificates were recently updated, and NSX Manager was not rebooted.  In this case, the edge is using the older thumbprint to attempt to register to the Management Plane.

When the API certificate is changed on a manager, we automatically restart the reverse proxy, and the new certificate is used. However, the API /api/v1/cluster/nodes/self continues to show the old certificate and thumbprint. This file caches the thumbprint upon startup. 

You can workaround this issue by performing either of the two steps:

a) Restart the Proton Service on the NSX Manager with the following command:
restart service manager
b) Reboot NSX-T Manager
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Are you by any chance deploying NSX-T 3.2 edge and using a Intel Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge CPU?

If so, you can see this discussion for more info.

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