Digging a little deeper into TEPs and Inter TEP Communication

Have you ever had the question "Why are my tunnels down?" when deploying NSX-T?

This is an all too common question that generally comes back to the foundation and requirements of NSX-T.

In this article I discuss the Tunnel Endpoints (TEP) and a new feature in NSX-T 3.1 - Inter TEP communication.

NSX-T 3.1 Transport VLANS | Inter TEP | LAB2PROD

This post will cover.

✔️What a TEP is
✔️How TEPs communicate
✔️Inter TEP communication and configuration

What are some other common issues you have had or been made aware of during an NSX-T deployment?

Shashank Mohan

VCAP-NV 2020 | VCP-DCV2019 | CCNP Specialist

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