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[Design question] NSX-v LB Modes

Hello Folks,

I understood NSX LB at some point not very good but at least managed to understand the idea behind it, but as I am not experienced with NSX implementation, when do we implement inline or transparent mode ?

What is the use case for each of those two modes

Thanks in Advance, appreciate your answers!


Regards, İlyas
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Basically there are two modes

1. Proxy Mode

  L4-L7 engine supported , Transparent option disabled, if you need client IP visibility configure X forwarding

2. Transparent Mode

L4-L7 engine supported , transparent mode will be selected , ideally with default gateway on Edge , no need of SNAT.

Do read NSX-v 6.4 - Load Balancing ToI  for detailed review .

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