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Compatibility of NSX with Hyper v based virtual infra

Dear All,

I have a client, they are fully Microsoft shop & currently running Hyper-v Based server virtualization (along with SCCM & SCOM) and HP switches (L2 & L3) cisco for routers and another vendor's next gen firewall (so its a heterogeneous network) & they have 4 data centers in total and another may become live after 8 to 12 months. My question is that will NSX support this kind of environment?

what about VTEPs and VXLANs

1) Do I need to propose them hardware based VTEPs or current Hyper v hosts can be made VTEPs?

2) they have configured VLANs all over the network, how much administrative effort and downtime will be required to configure NSX accordingly. because NSX logical switches only understand VXLAN, my understanding is that they do not have to change anything on the physical network. however, they will have to create new VXLAN incase more vLANs are needed.


Moaz Anjum

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NSX vision is to support multi-hypervisor such as Hyper-V

VMworld 2016: NET9989 - VMware NSX, Network Bridge to Multi-Cloud Future - YouTube


But at the moment both NSX for vSphere (NSX-v) and NSX-Transformers (NSX-T) do not support Hyper-v

NSX-T​ supports vSphere/ESXi, RHEL KVM, and Ubuntu KVM

Hyper-v has their own network virtualization HNV and it does supports VXLAN based on this technet What's New in Hyper-V Network Virtualization in Windows Server Technical Preview

Most network virtualization will create their own network world in VXLAN

VXLAN to VLAN traffic would be routed and normally if you don't need to stretch/share layer 2 network between VLAN and VXLAN then you might not need hardware based VTEP function for bridging the two networks.

Yes you are right there should be no change required (as in re-architecturing) the physical network.

You would normally need VLAN/network for the VXLAN/VTEP transport and routing configuration between VLAN and VXLAN (dynamic or static)

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