Bond show status degraded while both ports of the Bond are up

Hi colleagues,

I have in our test environment two bare metal edges that are used for Bridging. They both have two bonds. One for the L2 extension and one bond for the overlay. The Bond for the L2 extension is fine while the Bond for the overlay seems to have a problem.

Under "Transport Node Status" the Bond for the overlay shows the status degraded but under "Network Interface" the status is up for the Bond and for both interfaces of the bond.
On the switch pair the Bond is connected the Port-channel is up.

On two other Bare metal Edges I use for Routing the Bond for the Overlay with the same configuration is fine.

Any idea what could be the issue?

Kind regards

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I " think " you can neglect on this false/positive alert. 

Please let me know your NSX-T version; and I am wondering if you can " if possible/ allowed" that you attach the syslog file so I can take a look at it.

If you provide the outputs for these would be good as well 


GET  /api/v1/transport-nodes/<UUID--TransportNode>/status

GET /api/v1/transport-nodes/<UUID--TransportNode>/pnic-bond-status



Khalid Moussa
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