260meg limitation between VCEs using enhanced HA

Anyone familiar with a limitation (260meg)  related to enhanced HA using VCEs on the crossover cable that connects the two VCEs.

I'm being told that having 2 VCEs in enhanced HA mode there is a limitation between the crossover cable between the two VCEs that limits traffic to 260meg ( not 100% sure on the 260meg.. But just trying to see if anyone is familiar with this).

I'm also told that this limitation will be overcome with a release later this year...... just trying to get a feel for how real this limitation is and if it's realistic to expect it to be resolved soon.

my customer has the traditional tier-2 ( two devices one terminates a Internet connection the other terminates a MPLS connection and they use it in active/active mode)

I'm not impressed with any of the Standard HA designs since they include potentially adding additional hardware/switches and we don't have the ability to use the LAN switches.

thanks in advance for any feedback

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