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What will be required of the customer technically to access the VLP service?

A modern web browser will be needed. The NEE “engine” and front-end is SaaS and is hosted by VMware. The cloud resources for the beta will also be hosted by VMware. In the past when we’ve setup internal tenants, they’ve been running courses within an hour of us handing over their credentials.

Internet Explorer 10 or later, Firefox version 13 or later, Chrome version 18 or later

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I've expanded on this a little bit for my users, for the purposes of saying there is an "Preferred Customer/User Experience" level.  I recognize the original post refers to the Admin side of VLP, but the below should help for the consumers of contents the Admins manage.

  1. Any browser which can run and render HTML5 websites over HTTPS and use websockets/wss for Virtual Machine Consoles.  If there is software installed that would block a WSS connection, then the consoles may not connect.
  2. Latency to VMware has a significant impact on the virtual machine console experience.  Users could even go as high as a 200ms latency to VMware, and the console doesn't exhibit any slowness (like moving a mouse around jitters, or typing has some delay).  Using a mobile 4G hotspot did not work so well for one user (corner case, but highlights that it was borderline unusable)
  3. A monitor that can display at or over 1080p is desirable.  This reduces the number of clicking to re-arrange the interface would take.  Using a standard laptop monitor is fine, but it's much easier to navigate with an external monitor.  Alternatively, users can bring a QR Code reader on a mobile device to view the manual on it.