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What does “Lab Shared” mean in the Cloud Shadow screen?

When multiple vDCs have shared storage so that a vDC can see a template in a catalog that belongs to another vDC, as they can both see the same disk, we call it a 'share' It means that both vDCs can deploy that template without having to make a shadow copy Conversely, when a vDC has access to a template in a catalog belonging to another vDC but they don't share the storage - i.e. they have completely different disks - then we make a 'shadow' copy of the template before we deploy it - and then the deployment uses the local copy instead of copying from the master across the network (which can take hours). shared means a vDC has access to the template and doesn't need a shadow, while shadow means a vDC does not have access to the template and needs a local copy (a shadow) before it can do anything.

shared Lab.png

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