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Question about Virtualizing multiple servers,

I'm completely new at ESXI vmware, so please bear with me.

Since from what i read the goal is virtualize servers. I decided i'm gonna try to virtualize my 3 servers into 1 for efficiency purpose. These are my servers in a nutshell :

1. Diskless ccboot server (Winserver 2019), basically ISCI server to allow my 50 clients to PXE boot locally :

   - CPU doesn't need much cpu, even 1 will do,

   - Memory 64 gb for caching,

   - Intel Dual 10G nic

   - m.2 drive for image

   - U.2 Drive for gamedisk

   - 3 3'5 drives for secondary gamedisk

   - 3 writebacks ssd disks

2. Emby server (Winserver 2019), i run a bunch of other programs as well,

   - need at least 6 cores

   - 32 gb of memory

   - LSI SAS3008 to JBOD rack

   - NIC for CCTV and connecting to switch

3. Mikrotik server,

   - doesn't need much cpu or memory,

   - at least 6 NICs

After some research, this is what i'm gonna use :

1. Motherboard : Supermicro X11-SCA-F

2. CPU : Xeon 2178G / i9-9900 (depending on 32GB memory availabilty , whichever one is cheaper / available )

   6 cores for Emby server VM, 1 core for diskless server VM and 1 core for mikrotik VM

3. Memory : ECC Samsung 32GB x4 / Non ECC Samsung 32GB x4, depends on CPU

   32 gb for Emby server VM, 4 gb for mikrotik VM and the rest for diskless server VM

4. PCIE x8 : Intel Dual 10G NIC for Diskless server VM

5. PCIE x8 : LSI SAS3008 for Emby server VM

6. PCIE x4 : Intel Quad NIC for mikrotik VM

7. PCIE x1 : Intel Dual NIC for mikrotik VM

8. U.2 slot: U.2 drive for diskless server VM

9. M.2 slot: m.2 drive for diskless server VM

10.8 Sata : 1 sata for esxi(?) the rest for diskless server VM.

So from hardware side, with physical machine assumption, everything should work,

My questions  :

1. Is there any potential issues with ESXI virtualization with this sort of build?

I'm especially concerned about assigning PCIE cards and drives...

e.g U.2 drive for diskless vm, SAS card for emby server VM

2. Is there any known issue virtualizing a PXE server?

3. My pxe server has 4 different drive speed category,(m.2, U.2, ssd and 3'5 drive) it's build that way to organize important and less important content.

Will this also work properly in virtualization as if in physical server?

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Hi cemaranet

Check the

VMware Compatibility Guide - System Search

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VMware Employee

Is this in VLP, or your own independent setup?


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