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New Feature alert: Console Connection Monitoring

We have added a new feature that shows the health of lab console connections. Enabling this feature will help customers to determine the console connection strength of the lab they are connected to.  VLP will be able to determine the ping latency between the end user’s device and the hosted VM in the cloud that they are connecting to.

The information can also help administrators to troubleshoot any lag or connectivity issues a user might experience in real time.

Tenant admins can enable this feature in two steps: 

Step 1:  Enable console connection monitoring for VLP.
              From the VLP Admin UI, select Tenant Management -> Tenant and click on your tenant name. Click Interface on the Update tenants page and check the Console Connection Monitoring option.


Step 2:   Enable console connection monitoring for the cloud organization.  

               From the VLP Admin UI, select Cloud Management-> Clouds and click on the cloud where your labs are deployed. On the Edit Cloud Org tab, check Console Connection Monitoring.


After this feature is enabled, the students/user console displays the connection strength, from which you can monitor the console latency:  


The tenant administrators, can see the console benchmarks for active entitlements (once they are saved after a "leave") and transcripts. In the list pages there is a new column that looks like this:


Each session has the average, high, and low latency values as well as the reason for "leaving" the lab. When clicked or initiated from the item's "..." (three vertical dots) menu, a timeline view is shown that looks like this:


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