Does VMware use the VMWare Learning Platform internally?

Yes successfully since 2011.

The following list encompasses some of the departments that utilize VLP currently

  • Engineering uses it to provide a harness to people wanting to develop plug-ins or other solutions for vSphere.
  • Our field enablement group uses it to train our field and our partners.
  • Our demo team uses it for demos at booths as well as our briefing centers.
  • PSO Education uses it for instructor-led, self-paced, and extended learning content.
  • Tech Marketing uses it for large events (VMworld Labs, etc) as well as a constant, free learning place for our products.
  • Marketing uses it for demand generation. Such as "Click here to learn about XYZ. Next you get to try it out for free for 30 days in this lab. Etc."
  • Support uses it to train our support staff as well as have labs they can bring down on-demand for customer troubleshooting and replication.
  • Recruiting uses this to have testing environments for potential new hires.
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