vSphere/VSAN limits and VIO Cinder volumes (powered off shadow VM's)


we are using VSAN as backend storage for VMware Integrated OpenStack which is used by kubernetes. For each Cinder volume there is a powered off shadow VM created with a VMDK disk.  There are some limits that we might hit in the future, beause there can be multiple volumes per kubernetes node.

VMware vSphere:

# Virtual Machines per cluster 8000

# Virtual machines per host 1024


# Virtual machines per host 200

# Virtual machines per cluster 6000

# Components per Virtual SAN host 9000

For each Cinder volume a shadow VM is created with a VMDK attached, so there will be a lot of powered off VMs just to be able to provide Cinder volumes for Kuberntes. Currently we already have ESXi hosts with 140 VMDK's (58 powered on / 72 powered off as docker images). It seems the 'shadow VM' concept has some major downsides.

What is VMware's concept for larger VIO/K8N deployments?

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Hello Pirx666

For Vsan, i think 200vm is a soft limit, the real "hard limit" is 9000 componnent per Vsan host, so it should not be a problem.


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