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VIO2 and Notification Driver


My VIO is version 2.0.

I'm trying to integrate that with StackOps. Almost everything is working, except for the activity plugin.

This plugin uses the notifications system from Openstack (NotificationSystem - OpenStack), monitoring the queues to detect a routing key "notifications.info" that contains the activity of Openstack, as the Network creation and removal, and also the instance, volumes and so.

This is working with the Neutron System (as Neutron is configured to use the notification_driver = neutron.openstack.common.notifier.rpc_notifier), but I'm not able to configure Nova and Cinder to use this the same way.

Also, I did verified that Nova Services (on Compute and Controller) doesn't have the notification libraries like Neutron. Even trying to put the notification_driver = messagingv2 on the nova.conf (or cinder.conf), as suggested on the Openstack communities, this doesn't work.

So, how can I enable the notification system on VIO, that enables me to send the notifications about instance creation and removal to RabbitMQ (and then my application can gather those informations)?


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