VIO requires Enterprise Plus or Enterprise

These two FAQ seem to contradict each other.

Q. Why is VMware Integrated OpenStack only compatible with vSphere Enterprise Plus, vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus, and vCloud Suite? Can I use VMware Integrated OpenStack with vSphere Standard or vSphere Advanced?

A. VMware Integrated OpenStack currently requires vSphere Distributed Resource SchedulerTM (DRS) and vSphere Distributed SwitchTM (VDS). Both of these features are only available in vSphere Enterprise Plus.

Q. If I have vSphere Enterprise and Virtual SAN or NSX, can I use VMware Integrated OpenStack?

A. Yes. While VMware Integrated OpenStack requires features only included in vSphere Enterprise Plus, you can use VMware Integrated OpenStack if you have vSphere Enterprise and VMware Virtual SANTM and/or VMware NSXTM.

My question is the support matrix for VIO:

  • Does VIO require Enterprise or Enterprise Plus?
  • Does VIO require NSX or Distributed vSwitch?

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Here are the 2 options to use VIO:

* VIO , vSphere Ent plus and Distributed Virtual Switch for basic L2 Networking  (DVS requires vSphere Ent+)


* VIO , vSphere Ent and NSXv for full L2-L7 networking. I believe for NSXv it is sufficient to have vSphere Ent. Please consult with you NSX/VMware account team to get more details.

Hope that helps.