VIO Cloud Images Avail for Download

VIO Cloud Images Avail for Download

One of the many issues we had and me personally was finding Cloud images that would operate with VIO. While some of the KVM Images would work after much configuration we spent many tiring weeks making changes to Centos, Ubuntu and many other images.

As I know how hard it is for someone just starting out with VIO I thought I would share our images here so that anyone can download them and use then in their environment.

I can assure you that these images are clean we these are the exact images we use in our production environment and you should check them anyway once you download them.

The images have been modified to work with VIO. These changes include removing the serial port from grub menu and networking changes in Centos.

The images that I will make available are:-

Ubuntu 14.04


Fedora 25

Fedora 26

Centos 6.8

Centos 7.4

Debian 8.9

Debian 9

Debian 8 - Wordpress

Debian 8 - Virtualmin

Debian 8 - OpenVPN

Debian 8 - Docker

I am currently uploading them so once they are available I shall post the link so anyone can download. This is a small way I can give back to the community after all the great advice and support I have received from many here.

Here is the download link!FmYVTYyT!kzhr6rnxnZ52bju11w4RjQ

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